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My Story

Hi! I'm Emily Savage. I am an intuitive healer inspired by music, movement and meditation who aims to use these modalities to benefit the body, mind and spirit of others.


A musician from a young age, I quickly fell in love with the way I felt when I played my instruments, the beautiful sounds they created and the comfort that came with it. When I began experiencing mental health troubles during high school, I looked for more alternative ways to heal myself. I happened to stumble upon an online yoga class and was hooked ever since. I soon after went to university for music therapy determined to help others with music the way it had helped me throughout my life. After working with young children for a couple of years out of college, I realized I wanted to work in a different way. Over time, I studied and was certified in sound healing and Kundalini reiki as well as receive my yoga 200 hour certification in Costa Rica.


I am now traveling the country in my camper van, offering online and in person services, incorporating all of my modalities to create an individualized healing experience for every client I work with.

Certified: Music Therapist MTBC. , Sound Healer, Yoga & Kundalini Reiki Practitioner,  


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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