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Private Sessions

One on One Yoga 

Practicing yoga privately with an instructor is a great opportunity for individuals looking for personalized flows as well as receive the undivided attention of the teacher. 

Every private session will take place in person or via zoom and will include physical asana, breath work, and meditation aligning with your intentions for your personal yoga practice.   

Sound healing is a a healing modality that uses different sound healing instruments and techniques to heal your body and relax your mind. 

The first of every sound healing session begins with an assessment and discussion of the goals you intend to set for yourself, whether that be to relieve anxiety or reduce pain in the body. Then, I will use a variety of sound healing instruments such as: crystal bowls, drums, chimes, chanting, etc.  to help achieve these intentions and bring balance back to your energy body. 

One on One Sound Healing

All individual sessions are on a sliding scale ($40-60)

In Person Teaching

YogaSix, Newtown PA 

Crunch Fitness Gyms, Philadelphia, PA

Group Classes

Online Teaching


Zoom: TBD

Interested in booking a yoga class or sound bath for an event? 

For All Inquiries Contact

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